❤ 2022 Executive Director Reflection ❤

Dear Friend,

Usually, when it comes time to write this year-end reflection, I am feeling good about the year we’ve had but also depleted and craving a long rest. This year could not be more different. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt as energized about our work as I do today, and I cannot wait to tell you all about what your steadfast support is enabling us to do! 

Our incredible community helped us come through the pandemic stronger than ever, and the disparate impact of the pandemic on those already living on the margins motivated more significant city-wide investments in ending homelessness. We now find ourselves in a moment where the investments of our staff, Board, community, and government leaders are converging in beautiful ways. Much of what Everyone Home DC has dreamed about and worked toward for years is now coming together all at once.

A few days ago, our Board of Directors approved both a new strategic plan and a 2023 budget that is nearly 80% greater than this year. We are growing in all the right ways and cannot wait to share how our work together is allowing us to strengthen our programs, ensure organizational sustainability, and serve more individuals and families better than ever before. 

One area of growth we are particularly excited about is launching a new Permanent Supportive Housing Program that will help our chronically homeless neighbors move off the street, out of shelters, and into safe, comfortable, and permanent homes. Support from our team will enable them to set and achieve goals for themselves that many no longer believed were possible. We fought alongside our fellow service providers, advocates, and supporters like you to get the city budget investments necessary to make this possible, and now we are thrilled to be turning those hard-won dollars into homes. This is life-changing work your partnership makes possible!

There are so many more wonderful things to come in the year ahead! So yes, I am eager to go home for the holidays and spend quality time with people I love. And I am also looking forward to diving back into work in the New Year with exuberance, optimism, and gratitude for all our beloved community will enable us to achieve in 2023 and beyond. Thank you for being part of our continued success!

With love and joy this holiday season!
Karen Cunningham
Everyone Home DC
Executive Director