Street Outreach

In 2021, 242 individuals were served and had 1,515 interactions with our Street Outreach team.

In 2021, 17 individuals who were chronically homeless were matched with housing.


Everyone Home DC’s Street Outreach team works with chronically homeless individuals living in Capitol Hill, specifically in the Eastern Market neighborhood. Our Street Outreach team utilizes a person-centered approach to build and maintain relationships with our chronically homeless neighbors, and supports them in meeting their immediate needs and achieving their long term goals, which includes obtaining stable housing.

Our Street Outreach team spends most of their time in the field, meeting clients where they are, accompanying them to goal-oriented appointments, and connecting them to community resources including mental health services, medical benefits, food stamps, SSI/SSDI and other supportive services. Our street outreach team partners with Unity Healthcare to connect our homeless neighbors with high quality medical care. Our street outreach team is enhanced by our Homeless Assistance Response Team (HART), which is made up of vibrant and caring community volunteers.

Learn how you can become a HART volunteer here! For more information about our street outreach program, or to connect with an outreach worker, call 202-544-0631 ext. 202.