2019 Executive Reflection

Dear Friends,

What a year we have had! It is hard to believe that it was just this spring that we changed our name from Capitol Hill Group Ministry to Everyone Home DC. It rolls off our tongues so easily now and I am delighted at how wholeheartedly it has been embraced by all of you. We could not get a better confirmation that Everyone Home DC effectively communicates our mission, reflects our diverse community, and aligns with our shared vision of the District of Columbia as a thriving and diverse community, where all people can obtain and remain in safe, affordable, and comfortable homes.

While rolling out the name change was a big and successful undertaking, it was only one of many things we accomplished this year. We also: 

  • Prevented homelessness for more than 600 families
  • Provided 52 workshops for clients on topics such as how to conduct an apartment search, budgeting, planning for end of life decisions and the custody of children, and the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants
  • Welcomed six new Board members with tremendous skill sets and passion for our work
  • Provided more hot, home-cooked meals, and a record 1,400 showers at Shirley’s Place
  • Helped more than 400 chronically homeless individuals stay safe through inclement weather, access medical care, and improve their quality of life, with seven able to move into permanent housing.
  • Successfully advocated for increased investments in housing interventions proven to end homelessness, including the largest ever increase in Permanent Supportive Housing for individuals in the City’s history 

None of this would be possible without you. I am endlessly grateful for each of you who give your time, your dollars, your ideas, and your encouragement as we work each day to support people at risk of or experiencing homelessness in a city where the gulf between the haves and have nots is wide. Thank you for sharing our commitment to building a city where all people are welcomed in our communities, can live in safe and stable homes, and have what they need to thrive. 

I am proud of what we have accomplished together this year and optimistic about the future. I look forward to enjoying the holidays and then stepping boldly into 2020 with all of you, ready to continue fighting for a city where no one lives or dies without the dignity and security of a home.

With warm wishes for a joyful holiday season,

Karen Cunningham
Everyone Home DC
Executive Director