Tammy Hunter

Tammy Hunter | Director of Program Operations

Tammy has worked with Everyone Home DC for over a decade and is currently the Director of Program Operations. In this role, she oversees Everyone Home DC’s family housing, homelessness prevention, and drop-in day center, which support the holistic needs of individuals and families at risk of or experiencing homelessness. Prior to coming to Everyone Home DC, Tammy gained valuable social service experience as a Program Director with DC Central Kitchen. Tammy has a master’s degree in organizational leadership, with a concentration in nonprofit management, a bachelor’s degree in sociology and psychology, and is certified in addiction counseling. Learn a little more about Tammy, in her own words:

What is your favorite thing about working at Everyone Home DC?
TH: Never a dull moment

What does Everyone Home DC mean to you?
TH: The feeling of stability, comfort, and peace. Everyone deserves that. Working to help others achieve it is humbling.

What’s one lesson you learned in your time at Everyone Home DC?
TH: We are more to people than our job description, kindness doesn’t cost a thing

What do you wish other people knew about people experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, homelessness?
TH: People are more than their current circumstances.

What would you name the autobiography of your life?
TH: The Love Experience because I have been fortunate in life to experience different places, people, and things from around the world. I bring a piece of the beauty and love from each place and person so I feel my life has been enriched by this ever present experience of Love.

What is your favorite song of inspiration?
TH: Kelly Price “It’s My Time”. We only get moments & memories in this life. Today I am intentional of how I create both.

Who is one of your favorite musicians?
TH: Prince is my absolute favorite. I love that he was self-taught and plays so many instruments. Like in my favorite song “When the Lights Go Down” he plays every instrument himself. I recommend that you go listen to it….right now!

What is your favorite quote?
TH: “Documentation Beats Conversation.” Said by…Me!