Support Local During COVID-19

Without question the food and beverage industries have been strong allies to nonprofits over the decadesdonating their time, talent, and delicious resources—in support of a variety of critical causes and missions both locally in our city and all across our United States.  In response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, many of these businesses have been forced to shutter their doors to ensure staff and guests remain safe. Many restaurants that close now may never re-open.

At Everyone Home DC, our signature fundraising event, Sip and Savor, relies on food and beverage professionals who donate their time AND unlimited tastings to support ending homelessness in our city. Of course, our event, like so many others, is up in the air as we check in with our partners who are instrumental in the evening’s success as well as closely monitoring public health guidance to ensure the plans for our clients, staff, and supporters we put in place are appropriate.

During this time of transition, we want to ensure we are supporting our culinary and beverage community. Here are a few ways you can join us! We are sharing a list of Sip and Savor Unlimited Tastings Partners below, if you want to support our partners specifically. 

  • Order delivery, takeout, or make an advanced purchase. We love the resources available from the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington that shares who is providing take-out and delivery services.
  • Purchase gift cards, merchandise, & contribute to family relief funds.Support your favorite restaurants, breweries, cideries, distilleries, and wineries through unique opportunities that they share out on their website or social media pages. This Support DC Businesses website allows you to search by food, bar/alcohol, and beyond to see where you can be of support!
  • Contribute to funds established for individuals working in these industries. VinePair has a running list of funds and organizations that are supporting laid-off hospitality workers.

  • Contact your representatives and remind them that our restaurant and hospitality industry needs the support of our government to survive. Check out resources from National Restaurant Association to get more involved.
  • Distilleries making hand sanitizer are still being charged federal excise tax if the alcohol they’re using is not denatured. Contact your representatives (it takes 30 seconds) to urge them to waive this tax.

Are we missing anything? Let us know! We would be happy to add it to this post.