You Did It | September Challenge Goal Reached

Thank you for making this year’s September Challenge a success! For the third year in a row, you showed up for individuals and families at risk of or experiencing homelessness in DC. Together, we raised nearly $70,000, with more than 180 donations made throughout the Challenge. 

We reached this successful milestone thanks to our AMAZING September Challenge Sponsors, Benefactor Circle, and Committee members; our staff, volunteers, donors, event hosts & participants, fundraisers, online auction partners & participants, and many social media ambassadors. We know the need to raise critical funds to support people facing homelessness is more urgent than ever. Everyone played a vital role in ensuring this campaign’s success. Thank you.

In addition to the funds raised, check out some of the other highlights of Everyone Home DC’s September Challenge:

  • We are incredibly excited to share that Christ Church + Washington Parish on Capitol Hill has joined The Jeanne Phil Meg Team at Compass and National Capital Bank as a Lead Sponsor for this year’s September Challenge.
  • We welcomed five new supporters at the Benefactor Circle and Sponsor level in the final week, raising an additional $3,000. Thanks to Egbert Souse, Emily Guthrie & Michael Lindner, Anne & Marc Mayerson, Oanh Vuong, Suzanne Wells & Mike Godec.
  • The September Challenge Leaderboard had eight active fundraisers that raised more than $12,000. This year’s top fundraisers were Alison Harwood & Chuck Rohe, Adolfo Gatti & DiCristoforo, Edith and Mark Sherman, Pat Joseph, Angela Beckham & Jason Johnson, AND Martha and Matt Huizenga. Huge thanks to ALL for sharing your time and enthusiasm with this year’s September Challenge!
  • Everyone Home DC’s online auction was its most successful to date, raising nearly $9,000.

It is the responsibility of each of us to end homelessness in Washington, DC, and build the welcoming and inclusive community we believe is possible. Thank you for joining Everyone Home DC as we continue the work of ensuring all people have access to safe, affordable, and comfortable homes in Washington, DC. We are so glad you are here!